Documents submitted with planning application SDNP/15/01146/FUL including the amended and new material submitted in October

The NSQ Planning Application Overview document (reference P1-2-3 07) submitted with the application and appearing on the South Downs National Park website included guidance on how to navigate the application material using the references given to each file.

As the file references do not appear on the National Park website Santon have commissioned this website in order to display the application material as had originally been intended complete with the file references.

The material posted on the DOCUMENTS page is identical to the National Park website except in so far as the references are concerned.

Appearing above the schedule of the application documents is the NSQ Hybrid Applications Document Schedule (HADS) which lists all of the files which appear in the schedule. It is hoped that by initially referring to the HADS interested parties will be able to locate the particular report or plan/drawing which is of interest.

Inserting the document reference number into the search field will immediately select all documents in the schedule with that number enabling the chosen file to be found quickly.

The link below will take you directly to the South Downs National Park website page for the application. Comments can only be posted on the National Park website.